Wednesday, March 3, 2010

More time with you

Can't believe we've come this far
You've already left such a mark
It's come so fast I didn't realize
Time flies baby, but that's good
It gives me more time with you

It's been full of ups and downs
This life's been burning around us
Sometimes I wished it would end
But then this moment comes
And I know I just need more time with you

Just today life conspired against us
It was a losing battle, we came out first
There's nothing that can bring us down
I know that for a fact
It assures me more time with you

You're all I need, all I ever wanted
All the wondrous memories we shared
And all I want is more of all that
Time stops when you're in my arms
And all I want is just more time with you.


Miss D said...

Less like poetry,
more like the lyrics of a lovely song...

Although knowing it wasn't written for me, I wouldn't hesitate to give it my name by adding a tune to it.

I can already hear a jingle in my mind.

D2 said...

The thoughts that matter are all for you now. So these words, though for someone else in my memories gone by, can be yours now. :)

Miss D said...

Hehe... Though I respect your offer, I am much happier off with your newer creations ;-)

D2 said...

Glad to hear that! My newer ones are far better, both romantically and in terms of literature, I believe. :D

Miss D said...

They are matured, theres an "age" to them... but this poem has something naive about it... enjoyable undoubtedly...
but of course the newer ones are any day deeper and extremely thought provoking... shakes the insides...

D2 said...

Of course it's naive! The thinking that went into it was naive. You'd do better by sticking to the more recnet works of mine!

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