Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Walking the Line

It all seems different now.
The scenario has changed.
It's a mind-boggling situation.
Nothing can be arranged.

I cannot describe my mood or my temper.
I know I am not mad nor forlorn.
But what am I if not either.
I talk neither happy nor stern.

It is a time of great mental turbulence.
Will it happen or won't it.
It is neither bleak nor crystal clear.
I am neither on cloud nine nor in a pit.

It is a weird mood that I'm in now.
I stress to emphasize it but it's impossible.
I brood over it all day.
It's inconclusive, like a car stuck on a cable.

It might fall any moment.
Or there may be yet another surge of power.
Failure seems so close.
And yet the road to success seems far from over.

I repeat again, this is just a phase.
More may still appear.
Things might change, I hope they do.
Or the string of the Universe might disappear.

There is a thin line between the two.
A small divider between two lanes.
It would take little to trip, fall to the other side.
And then the journey would have been in vain.

But determination has much to stand for.
Though each road be as narrow as a tightrope.
I must hold on, keep my balance.
For sheer will power would fill me up with hope.

And will power is what is needed.
With an essence of hope it will create wonders.
And wondrous the time is, the two ways together.
I must tread carefully, not dazed, not flustered.


Miss D said...

I so connected this with This.

A fluctuating weird scenario in the head well described !

D2 said...

Yes, I do believe they're quite similar. Thanks. :)

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