Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Never Ending Road

I am lost in this world
I have lost all fear
I've left only hate
no love of which I hear
it's them who are at stake

misadventures all in vain
the things I do to feel
buoyed have left me instead
empty, taken away my zeal

now I'm desperate in this misery
lost amidst what I used to cherish
to find an answer to my stupidity
something easy, I sincerely wish

thinking so I remain dejected
as what I do now
is what I did yesterday
time has come for change, but how??

the path is tough I must admit
the path that will glorify me finally
but I must walk this road, never sit
for time is certainly not an ally

I see now, the blinding light ahead
my walk finally at an end
as it shines upon me, I seek a bed
looking clearly, its a lamp hanging at a bend.


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