Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Down Memory Lane

It all was so good a while back.
Moments unseen, in the dark.
A passion ignited, time spent in love.
A moment to remember, never to forget.

Memory is bold, it is wicked.
It is also helpful, it is sometimes kind.
Reliving the best and forgetting the worst.
Life continues all at once.

Going down memory lane I see.
The things I did, the wrongs I did do.
Not all, that is impossible.
For I did commit errors too many.

But amend them I will.
Now I have learned how I must work.
I shall hold strony my new ideas.
They must work, or all else would fail.

Going down memory lane I see.
All the good times, and some bad.
Some moments of passion, of love and selflessness.
Some disasters, results of sins, and some grave errors.

The best moments I now relive.
I cherish I even have had such times.
Now my love must evolve, I must mature.
For all that is lost now.

They are only in my head.
Swimming through my neurons, making me think.
Of all that I desire, the love and care I need.
I must have that again, must renew the flame.

I have a plan, and I trust it should work.
These ideas floating through my head.
The wrongs I did commit, I must now undo.
Make the love whole again, make no mistake again.

I don't have time and no one to help.
All my resources are simply within me.
Trying to look into myself I must try.
I must keep going back down memory lane.


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